47: Redneck Hydraulics

March 19th, 2020

Welcome to the Marble Forest, quarentine edition. Need a break from all the negativity? Join us this week when Amber tells more accounts from the Bridgewater Triangle. She tells us about UFO's, Phantom Dogs, and Billy's backwoods helicopter rides. Then Jessi takes us to Skagway Alaska to the Golden North Hotel. She tells us a tale of prospectors and the gold rush. Make sure you have enough Robes and Blankets: and please just let the ghosts take a bath!

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46: 1600 Pennsylvania Attitude

March 4th, 2020

Ready to learn what you should have learned in history class? Jessi tells us all about the ghosts of the White House. Have you ever wondered which presidents still roam the halls? We discuss the strange sightings in the most famous building in the United States. We brainstorm our idea for a Marble Forest restaurant. Then Amber continues telling us about the Bridgewater Triangle. She tells us about the Hockomock Swamp, and the creatures that may be hiding there. Is Bigfoot hiding in the swamp? Is he an alien from a planet full of other Sasquatch?  You're Sure as Shootin, not going to want to miss this episode. 

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45: Eleven Fireplaces Rich

February 12th, 2020

This week we bring you another special episode! Jessi and Amber cover the Whitney Mansion in Detroit. Fresh off a ghost tour of the mansion Amber and Jessi recount the history, ghosts and their experiance! We bring back more pink buildings and puns about wood. It sure must be nice being rich! 

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44: Lumberjack Chic

January 29th, 2020

Ready for the second installment of the Marble Forest Romance novel? Amber tells us the story of the Redheaded Hitchhiker of Route 44. Was he really just a sexy lumberjack with a PSA about picking up hitchhikers? Come here the story that freaked out Jessi so much we had to buy curtains for the podcast studio! Then Jessi tells us the story of the Thomas Busby stoop chair. This story tells us the importance of taking curses seriously. This is a serious don't tempt fate Episode. 

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43: An Owl in a Tree Dress

January 16th, 2020

This week on the Marble Forest Podcast Jessi cover's our first story from Hawaii! Jessi tells us the story of the night marchers of Hawaii. She tells us about their laser vision and how to prevent losing your life to the night marchers. Then Amber takes us to West Virginia and tells us about the Flatwoods Monster. A 10 foot tall alien that may or may not be an owl. Save your life and Plank it out! 

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42: Frog Wizards

January 1st, 2020

Happy New Year! Join us for our first episode of 2020! Amber tells us the stories of two Haunted Objects. She first covers the story of the Basano Vase, a deadly gift that killed within months of owning it. After that we discuss the Tallman Family Bunkbeds. Were these bunkbeds haunted by a red eyed fire witch? Then join us in our car that is camoflauged to look like a bush, as Jessi tells us about the Loveland frogmen. These frogs could be Amber's new DnD character. We hope you like bad frog puns!


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41: Krampus is Cramping My Style

December 19th, 2019

Join us for out first ever Christmas Episode. We start the episode with a Christmas fun fact, before Amber tells us all about the legend of Krampus. Does Krampus have a prosthetic hoof? What is he planning on doing with all those sticks? Then Jessi tells us two Christmas ghost stories. First we discuss the Headless horseman of Roos Hall. Then we move on to the romance novel portion of the episode, as Jessi tells us about the Mistletoe Bride. Was she just trying to play hide and sleep or was she trying to run away with Santa? Listen in to find out, and remember Don't tempt fate by getting kinky with Krampus!

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40: Fun in a Bad Way

December 4th, 2019

This week we present you with the freshest possible episode! First Amber tells us the story of Anna Baker's wedding dress. A story fit for a romance novel, with a dash of pettiness. Then Grab your iron cell phone and follow us to Villisca, Iowa where Jessi tells us about the famous Villisca Axe Murders and the now haunted house.  

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39: A Whole Roll of Quarters

November 20th, 2019

Join us for our Haunted Japan panel part 2! This week we tell the stories we didn't have time for at our amazing Youmacon 2019 panel. Plus Amber shares a story she did tell at the panel but wanted to tell again. We talk about the Onryo, Kuchisake-Onna, Kanashibari, the Curse Kleenex Commercial and Zashiki-Warashi. Can you divorce a ghost by cleansing it? Find out!

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38: Haunted Japan

November 6th, 2019

This week Jessi and Amber bring you a portion of their Youmacon 2019 Panel, Haunted Japan. This was recorded before the panel and before they spent 2 hours in the room practicing how to pronounce everything. This episode is focused on five Japanese legends. The Marble Forest tells the stories of the Kappa, Kokkuri-San, Teke Teke, Hanako-San and Aka Manto. 

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